Pokemon V Union Premium Collection Mewtwo


The V Union Premium Collection is available in Mewtwo, Greninja and Zacian variants.

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Pokemon V Union Premium Collection Mewtwo

The newly released Pokemon V Union Premium Collection Mewtwo is finally here, buy it now and create your own UNION! Besides Mewtwo, there is as well the Zacian & Greninja UNION to collect. Try to collect them all and beat any competitor with the massive strength of your UNION Pokemon!

This Pokémon TCG V Union Special Collection box contains:
4x Pokémon TCG promo cards (which you can use to create 1 Pokémon V-Union)
4x Pokémon TCG boosters,
1x Supporter card from Professor Burnet,
1x oversized card
1x code card for the Pokémon TCG Online

Available in three versions: Greninja V-Union, Mewtwo V-Union, and Zacian V-Union. Check the other V-Unions right here:

GRENINJA: https://ultracards.eu/product/pokemon-v-union-premium-collection-greninja/
ZACIAN: https://ultracards.eu/product/pokemon-v-union-premium-collection-zacian/

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